Soul Thief

Written By: brian Rodgers

 Soul Thief

by Alison Lorimer

One Love That Changed The World For All Time


Dr. Kathrine Gerrian has few illusions about her failing sanity. As she slips further into the grey space between the living and the dead, visions – impossible visions of twisted,imposing evil – are becoming her reality.  When patients begin to die unexpectedly, Katherine reaches her breaking point. Fleeing to reclaim herself in the quiet of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Katherine finds that her imagination has not only followed her to the sleepy town of Lake Lure. Its waiting to claim her  life…and her soul. Everything she knows of love, Heaven, Hell and even her faith will be challenged.

Soul Thief is the first book in the acclaimed Angellion Series, author Alison Lorimer masterfully crafts a twisting,tantalizing story of eternal love, betrayal, evil and redemption. Legend mixes with reality; nightmare with waking. What would you live – or die – for? Nothing can prepare you for the worlds about to collide.

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